Snowballing in Australia

Sometimes, finding the right interviwee is quite tough; once you found them, doing the interview seems to be the much easier part of your research. On my trip along The “Mighty Murray”, I worked with a technique I would like to call explorative or critical snowballing. The main idea is described as method in statistics to get a sample for your study. But what’s critical snowballing?  Traveling along the river that is meant to be the “lifeblood” of Australia – mostly related to humans and food production – my interviewees just appeared by talking to someone; then this person knew someone else, … Continue reading Snowballing in Australia

Respect your resources: World water day 2016

We’re back in Europe and one of the learnings of my field trip to Australia: at the end it doesn’t really matter how much water is there or how precious this resource is for a country – no one really cares except it really hurts. Even if Australia’s water quantity is on a quite different level compared to Central Europe, there seems to be no difference in attitudes towards this resource: respect on the one hand – but on the other hand, hey, as long as water is running out of my tap, why should I be worried…?!  Happy World water … Continue reading Respect your resources: World water day 2016

There is no way to leave the river to itself anymore…

First insights in a comparison of River-Basin-Management in Europe (Danube) and Australia (Murray): Driving past the locks, reservoirs and channels, passing dams and exploring the “feral carp“, it becomes obvious that we are driving along one of the worlds most regulated and managed water resources, the Murray-Darling-Basin. But are there any differences compared to river and basin management structures and processes in other countries? And if so what are they? Think of the Danube, crossing 10 countries in Europe, from Germany via Hungary to Bulgaria, facing various political situations, different history and therefore forms of agriculture, diverse cultures and, thus, … Continue reading There is no way to leave the river to itself anymore…

Road trippin…field research with my family 

We’re back, back to Oz. The main reason is that I want to trace back the water issue and claims, problematized in the public; as well I’m interested in people’s individual and collective engagement in water management, resource planning and environmental issues in general. We’re back, back to a family-road trip; after discovering NZ in 2012 and a winter-trip to Lisbon/Portugal in 2014, we had to get back on the road, all boys (38, 8, 5, 1) included. Field research with my family implies some coordination, but on the flip side you meet people that you would have never thought of … Continue reading Road trippin…field research with my family 

Privatization of water – about the abuse of an issue

Did the Austrian chancellor “hop on” the issue of water privatization to stimulate his election campaign in 2013? Our research project on water supply, water scarcity and the public debate about privatization and the media content analysis in particular shows some interesting results: The case: Privatization of water was one of the big issues in the media in 2013 – even in Austria, one of the water richest countries in Europe. But a closer look at media reports in Austria in the year 2013 shows that there wasn’t a public discourse about sustainability and the environmental dimension of water supply … Continue reading Privatization of water – about the abuse of an issue

Lack of public awareness about water and the risk of scarcity

People in Europe aren’t aware of the risk of water scarcity, not  to mention individual or collective engagement in determining equitable and sustainable water allocation! This is one of the main results of the research project “Problematization of Water Supply” as part of an international research collaboration where we seek to identify enabler and barriers of stakeholder engagement related to water supply & scarcity (contact: blog author A peoples survey in Austria analyzed the relationship between individual engagement, use of (social) media and the awareness of the issue of water supply/scarcity; 1000 people were asked in 2014 and the … Continue reading Lack of public awareness about water and the risk of scarcity

About this blog …

this site is meant to build up a communication network about water (quantity), water supply and the risk of scarcity, about stakeholder engagement and activism for equitable water allocation … you will find research data and my conclusions and comments on the issue “water” in the media, on public awareness of water in general and case studies on stakeholder engagement in water and you get connected with other studies, people, organizations and interesting information on water enjoy – and get active! Continue reading About this blog …