Road trippin…field research with my family 

We’re back, back to Oz. The main reason is that I want to trace back the water issue and claims, problematized in the public; as well I’m interested in people’s individual and collective engagement in water management, resource planning and environmental issues in general.

We’re back, back to a family-road trip; after discovering NZ in 2012 and a winter-trip to Lisbon/Portugal in 2014, we had to get back on the road, all boys (38, 8, 5, 1) included. Field research with my family implies some coordination, but on the flip side you meet people that you would have never thought of from a professional research perspective …

Here we are now, just crossed the border to South Australia after a collaboration meeting in NZ (@University of Waikato, Juliet Roper), a research planning meeting in Tasmanien (@University of Tasmania, Libby Lester) and the first interviews with 

– community & business people in Echuda,

– water management people in Swan Hill,

– journalists & water management/planning people in Mildura,

– gov. people, journalist and irrigator in Renmark.

Learnings so far: there is a lot of “uninformed conversation out there”; editorial and opinion page of newspapers are the main forum for a public debate on water; people’s apathity towards environmental issues turns into passion if they are affected directly.

More to come…




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